Marcel Proust "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Conchy Castro, the teacher


Our next step is start doing a webquest about Wales. Follow the link below and do all the tasks asked. Remember you have to report about it in this blog.


Hello everybody,
This is the second step in our project. Now, you have already written your first entrances and seen your partners' blogs.
I feel you are now starting to know how to manage your blogs and hope you have learnt at least the basic technical aspects to work more comfortably and become more efficient.
Remember you should add a link to my blog and to the rest of the class blogs, if you haven't done it.
Now you are ready to follow the link...and click on the "SECOND STEP" buttom:


We are going to do some changes in our plans because we have had some "technical problems". We all have created the blog, but we didn´t have enough time to take a look at others' blogs, write a comment and so on. So now...

First, go back to the first entrance in my blog and complete all the tasks.

After that, write the second entrance in your blog. You have to write about your school : a full description of the building, subjects, activities... and anything you consider relevant.

Finally, take a look at your partners' blogs and write some comments.


Hello everybody,
My name is Conchy Castro and I welcome you all to this blog whose aim is to lead you in your way to a new world, I wish!!!!
You will have to create your own blog , do the tasks planned, take part in the projects proposed and finally, evaluate your experiences and report about the process in this blog.
The first step is to create a blog and write the first "entrance". Follow the link
When you have created your blog and done the activities asked, come back to this one and write a comment.I want you to evaluate the activity - boring, interesting, amusing, difficult...and why. And the most important thing,you will have to write your address : http://.......
Please, remember we will only improve if we work together.This is a team work, we will both teach and learn, show and see, and that will only happen if we do a serious and responsible work.
Looking forward to..."reading" from you.